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Working in SJK(T)Jugra. Teaching Science and BM. Working experience - 6 years. Married to Yasotha. My girl named Illaveenil. I love teaching Science.


1. What is the name of the largest ocean on earth?
2. What are the two main metals in the earth’s core?
3. Which is hotter, the center of the earth or surface of the sun?
4. What do you call molten rock before it has erupted?
5. What do you call it after it has erupted?
6. True or false? You can see the Great Wall of China from space.
7. What do you call a person who studies rocks?
8. Name the three time periods of the dinosaurs.
9. True or false? The Grand Canyon is around 10000 feet (3000 meters) deep.
10. What is the name of the deepest location in the world’s oceans?
11. Over a long period of time while under extreme heat and pressure,
       graphite turns into which precious mineral?
12. Outside of Antarctica, what is the largest desert in the world?
13. The gemstone ruby is typically what color?
14. What is the name of the highest mountain on earth?
15. Do stalactites rise from the floor or hang from the ceiling of limestone caves?
16. 'Cascade', 'horsetail', 'plunge' and 'tiered' are types of what?
17. Someone who studies earthquakes is known as a what?
18. What is the name of the layer of earth’s atmosphere that
      absorbs the majority of the potentially damaging ultraviolet light from the sun?
19. The mass of the earth is made up mostly of which two elements?
20. What is the second most common gas found in the air we breathe? 
Earth Quiz Answers
1. The Pacific Ocean
2. Iron and nickel
3. The center of the earth
4. Magma
5. Lava
6. True
7. A geologist
8. Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous
9. False - 5000 feet (1500 meters)
10. Mariana Trench
11. Diamond
12. The Sahara Desert in Africa
13. Red
14. Mount Everest
15. Hang from the ceiling
16. Waterfall
17. Seismologist
18. The ozone layer
19. Iron (32%) and oxygen (30%)
20. Oxygen (21%)